{Photoblog}我在橋上看風景:貨櫃碼頭 | Container Terminal At Evening

青沙公路與昂船洲大橋已開通了一段時間。由於一開始沒有太多的公共交通工具經過這新建的公路,我也沒有機會乘車經過這世界上跨度第二長的斜拉橋。但隨著 249X 巴士線投入服務,終於有機會讓大家用便宜的價錢,欣賞一下公路沿途的景色。


The first time to travel on Stonecutters Bridge by bus 249X as it just started its service recently. It is such an enjoyable trip as you could enjoy the nice scenery from the Container Terminal. Cargoes and Structures of the port repeatedly appear in front of your eyes. They are not annoying stuff anymore under the magic hour in this evening.

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