耀眼煙花 隨著記憶落下
記不起 對花蕊的牽掛」




而著名攝影師 Michael Wolf 也對香港的街角房屋進行了類似的計劃,並結集成書 – 《Hong Kong Corner Houses 街頭街尾


In these years, redevelopment is a popular word to typical urban district, such as Sham Shui Po, Mong Kok and Wan Chai. Old buildings are usually being demolished, and sites are replaced by dull and luxury residental skyscrapers, or shopping malls with famous brands’ shops, which could also be found elsewhere in Hong Kong.

But how about the old buildings?

When you look at those old buildings in details, you would obviously be attracted by their beauty, a beauty of simplicity and austerity. Curved facades, strong vertical and horizontal details, verandahs…all these features are uniqle to these old buildings. Those unlucky old buildings, which are not listed as historical buildings, will soon disappear in our city due to fast redevelopment in Hong Kong.

More photos will be added into this gallery later.

Gallery Link: https://picasaweb.google.com/102953690184521751456/ufWfgJ?noredirect=1

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