{Photoblog}風波過去小島見樂天 – 塔門 | Grass Island


島上居民不多,可謂隱世。島上另外一群居民 – 牛,則為小島帶來另外一番景象。一群一群的牛兒,時或埋頭苦幹於青草地上;時或躺臥在迎著茫茫大海的涼亭前,閒懶地渡過這一天氣晴朗的下午。如此情景,叫人感受到大自然不同之物的融和合一,深深地體會到大自然的美妙。


Grass Island, or Tap Mun, is a small island situated at the north-eastern part of Hong Kong. Ferry from Wong Shek Pier at Sai Kung, or from Ma Liu Shui, is the only mode of transportation to reach this remote island. 

The population on this island is small, but instead, another group of citizens – cows, boosts the popularity of this small islands. Viewing groups of cows enjoying their meals on big pieces of grasslands, enjoying their leisure in front of seas with endless edges, is a great experience for you to feel the beauty and tranquility of the nature. 

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