{Photoblog} 千格清塘匯髻山

要來到這一小山也不是很難的事,在元朗福康街小巴總站乘小巴 74 號,到總站下車,便可到達這座小山山徑位於盛屋村的入口。有其他人或會選擇從朗屏上山,經橫洲到達。

From Ah Kai Shan, Yuen Long, Hong Kong. This small hill is just a 120m tall. But the scenery from the top of the hill is fantastic – the whole piece of land is divided into many many small fish ponds. And the city skyline from Shenzhen, which couldalso be seen there if you look at the northern side, sets a huge contrast with the natural beauty at the front.
It is easy to go there. Take minibus 74 from the terminus in the town centre of Yuen Long and get off at the other terminus.

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  1. Moon says:

    Hello, can I lend your photo and repost it on net? It is stunning!

    • John Chan says:

      No.Please respect copyright.

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