{Photoblog}奔流車影。四號幹線情緣 | Light Trails on Route 4


一般來說,車頭燈較車尾燈為亮,故要加上一塊 ND8 來曝光一概一分鐘到兩分鐘,車道兩側的光會比較平均,同時也會避開因為塞車而令部分車輛仍然可以清晰可見的問題。但要留意的是,由於加上了一塊濾鏡,拍出來的照片質素可能會降低。


The Route 4 is an important strategy motor route alongside the waterfront of the Northern Part of Hong Kong Island. It links up with the Kennedy Town at the western side and Chai Wan at the eastern side. Since it is somehow like an expressway in the city, several footbridges were built across the roads. All these footbridges are great destinations to take light trails of vehicles. ND 8 Filter was used in some of the photos in order to avoid over exposure.

在較大的地圖上查看奔流車影。四號幹線情緣 Rays on Hong Kong Route 4

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