{Photoblog}大地回春,萬花招展 – 香港花卉展覽 2011 | Symphony of Spring Flowers – Hong Kong Flower Show 2011

一年一度的香港花卉展覽又來了。今年以「春花妙韻」作為花展的主題:不少裝飾均將音樂元素融入於中,例如一個小提琴放置於花園中;園內播放著不少柔揚的名曲音樂,為場內增添一份輕鬆氣氛。但總覺得這次花展所展出的花卉類型,沒有之前那些的花展那樣多姿多彩;裝置也沒有早前那些漂亮。但再次看到最喜愛的花-紫色未開花的葡萄風信子,欣賞那別緻的吊鐘造型,聞過那芬芳撲鼻的優雅香味,看到一群蜜蜂於她們間飛舞穿插。這次也是第一次用上 EOS 500D 拍下花展內各花的面貌。

From an annual major event in Hong Kong Victoria Park, held by the Leisure and Culture Department – The Hong Kong Flower Show 2011. Symphony of Spring Flowers is used as this year’s theme. The element of music is integrated into different landscape displays of flowers. With the music playing in the exhibition, it brings you a relaxing and wonderful feeling of enjoying the beauty of nature.

I still think this year’s exhibition is not as wonderful as the one in previous years – it seems that the displays are not as beautiful, and there is not a great variety of flowers in the park compare with other years. Luckily, I could find out my favourite in the sea of flowers – purple Hyacinth.

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